Ibis Ripmo V2

We don’t always get along but this bike is a beast. It climbs like a goat, descents like the devil and wanders like a drunk.

New Ibis Ripmo V2
The Ibis Ripmo V2 is a pure work of art

My first interaction with the Ripmo was not awesome but we’re learning to get along.

Latest ventures with the Ibis Ripmo

  • Splash Mountain
    The water was back in the dry creek beds again today. I and the Ripmo returned home wet and muddy. The snow must still be melting up high. I’ve adjusted my ride a bit to avoid the section of trail that has become a waterfall. Strava doesn’t show it but this was one of my fastest overall all times from leaving my house to returning

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  • Satan’s flies live here
    Woke up early (for me) determined to make the climb up Millville Canyon. My goal was to turn around before the really steep bit but when I reached that bit my soul felt drawn to new elevations and the Ripmo and I continued climbing. During rides past, at my usual turn around spot I had observed a new trail. Today I determined to explore it.

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  • Fully Baked
    Summer has started in Utah and the hills are as blazing hot as Satan’s bedroom. The cool mornings are the perfect time to ride. By the time noon rolls around the sun has had sufficient time to turn everything into a blast furnace. I had a great time testing out my hydration limits today. The ride – Providence The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Morning Swim
    There was plenty of water flowing in the creek this morning which mean a lot of splash mountain moments for the Ripmo and I. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Only one chance to ride this week. Glad to spend it with the canyon I Love.
    A early week conference and a weekend with my wife means this first week of June I have one chance to ride. I chose to spend it with the Ripmo in Providence Canyon. The snow is melting up high feeding water to typically dry creek beds. Splashing and wet socks were defined this time in the mountains. Definitely a good choice. The ride – Providence

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  • Suffering on the Circles
    Always burn, heavy breathing and suffering on the way up. Pure joy on the way down. Both are why I’m so addicted to the suffer circles at the top of Providence Canyon. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • The Bridges of Millville Canyon
    One of my favorite rides and probably one of the hardest. Millville is all up for the entire ride. It’s also beautiful and super fun. If you want to indulge prepare your legs for the burn. Alas, all is not always well. The first 4 miles of this ride Devin joined my on the shoreline trail to try his hand at taming the Bianchi on

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  • Just Two Loops
    Just enough time and energy for a couple of loops in Providence Canyon. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Broke My Bell
    I love the Timber Bell. I’ve had quite a few hikers thank me for the ringing that let’s them know an MTB is headed at them at high speed. I won’t ride without them anymore. I break them at a rate of about one per year. This year, this ride was the last of my current bell. Lucky for me the company has a great

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  • Dropping In
    Providence Canyon was in perfect condition. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Afternoon Mountain Bike Ride
    On this perfect May afternoon with the Ripmo begging for time outside and my son on the Ripley today we spent some quality time flying and bouncing over the freshly cleaned and always joy inducing Providence Canyon. These are the days that we remember when we aren’t riding. Also Dev probably wanted to kill me after I pushed him to the edge of puking. The

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  • Time in Providence is a good time
    I had intended to take the Bianchi out but the new treads are too wide and rubbing the frame. I hate to see it lose any of that beautiful celeste paint so we’re going in for a new tire. I switched to the Ripmo intending on riding the shore line trail. The day worn on. I had to get gas for the lawn mower and

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