Ibis Ripmo V2

We don’t always get along but this bike is a beast. It climbs like a goat, descents like the devil and wanders like a drunk.

New Ibis Ripmo V2
The Ibis Ripmo V2 is a pure work of art

My first interaction with the Ripmo was not awesome but we’re learning to get along.

Latest ventures with the Ibis Ripmo

  • Let’s all ride together
    First time out with the wife and boys. Also first time on the River Trail this year. The water is running fast and furious. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Blessed are the trail builders
    First ride up Millville this year. The winter run off has left the mountains and green and lush. This is a tough climb but the greenery and the views made it worth it. A big thanks goes to all those who work so hard so we get to enjoy these experiences. The ride – Millville Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Cold Feet
    Two loops means more creek crossings. couldn’t feel my toes when I got home. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Wet and Wild
    All the dry channels are running full right now with the heavy Spring runoff. The skies are blue and the temperature is perfect for mountain biking. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Every put bike shorts on backwards? Ya, me either. #ackwardmomentsincycling
    As I prepared to ride there was something clearly wrong with my situation. Someday you too will be old. I thought mountain biking would be a chance to rest and take a break. The trail would probably still have snow and I wouldn’t go that far. I was wrong about the shorts and about the trail. The snow was gone, the day was beautiful and

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  • Lost the trail, lost the Garmin, lost my mind. I’m a loser.
    Had a great day riding Park City with Joel. Luckily for me he is patient. It’s been many years since my tires have made a mark in that dust. That was clear by how many times I picked the wrong trail and had to double back often uphill. I then lost my Garmin. At first I was excited because I’ve been thinking I need a

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  • Still the best thrill ride
    After just having spent a week at Disneyland I can say for certain mountain biking is still the best thrill ride. It’s also the prettiest. Lucky for me the colors aren’t gone yet. The ride – Green Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Rollin’ on the red carpet
    The trails are covered in red from the wind spreadingj the glory of Fall all over the ground. They crunch as they roll. My eyes bedazzled by the color in the sky and on the ground I frequently mess up the line and almost find myself plowing into rocks and trees. The bike – Ibis Ripmo The ride – Providence Canyon
  • Playing on the Master’s palette
    With the Fall colors now in full bloom each ride is precious until the inevitable Autumn wind storm strips the trees of their glory. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • The family that rides together
    The cold weather is coming and the kids are back in school. We have to get out every chance we get. My bike was already in the truck and I was geared up. Opportunities for all of us to get out are rare and so even though the ride was short I’ll take the win. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Ibis

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  • Surprise with a twist
    Birch Creek is not close to my house so I almost never ride it. That is sad. The ride – Birch Creek The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • No time for The Tree
    Just enough time to soak in the colors. I had to get home for a family thing so I skipped the Juniper this time. The ride – Jardine Juniper The bike – Ibis Ripmo