Sun shining through the aspen trees in Green Canyon

Horse Biscuits

When schools starts everyone is focused on getting kids to class on time and the greater populous puts off spending time on the mountain trails. It’s the best time to ride. Normally Green Canyon is the busiest trail in Cache Valley. I didn’t have the place to myself but the trail was generally devoid of human beings. It was not devoid of horse pucky. The

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Red moon through the smoke

I guess I’ll take Zwift over lung cancer

The world is on fire again and the air is so bad you can taste it. The moon last night was red and barely visible. Today the mountains across the valley are invisible, cloaked by thick haze from thousands of trees suffering an untimely, fiery death. With the PM 2.5 off the charts I spent my summer morning in the virtual world of Zwift. The

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Blacksmith Fork Canyon at the top looking west. A long road with mountains rising on both sides.

Seeking Solitude

This is a crank rant. Read at your own peril. <crank> Some days I hate people. Not anyone person, just all people. The thought of interacting with another human is exhausting. I don’t want to listen to anyone’s demands. I don’t want a to do list. I don’t really care to hear anymore about why I’m not the perfect or even decent human in your

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