Providence Canyon Trail

Crisp, Sunny, Painted Mountains

The crisp air of Fall contrasted with the heat of an afternoon sun. My toes are still thawing out. They’ll thaw out. The colors of Autumn deserve every second that can be spent in the woods. The Ripmo was feeling especially aggressive today and the dirt was especially perfect allowing for a symphony of color, air and ripping. Now that we’ve worked out our issues

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Waterfall in Providence Canyon surrounded by Fall colors

Getting High Breathing in Fall

Cleanish air and cool Autumn temperatures mean the Ripmo must get high. High we went up into the mountains. Dropping over loose rock and then climbing up loose rock once again affirmed that the Ripmo is the best climbing bike I’ve ever ridden. On days when I can supply the horse power this thing will roll over anything in its path. We also took a

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I see your true colors

Like a Las Vegas buffet the colors of Green Canyon fill you with an overwhelming visual gluttony. Indulge in this sensory feast. Move ten feet and fill your soul with the colors of Autumn. Although highly distracting from the traditional thrills of mountain biking Fall in these canyons deserves a few moments of visual consumption as the mind’s eye preserves a record to be cherished

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Fall leaves in Providence Canyon

I Went Outside

After running out of time and ending up on Zwift yesterday I committed to setting aside the time to ride Providence today. The breath of Fall in the air contrasted with the hot sweat dripping from my helmet. The air was clear, the Ripmo was aggressive, my legs were weak. That last bit sucked and was totally my fault but my first loop had some

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Sun shining down at the top of Spring Hollow in Logan Canyon

The bite of the morning air after the first frost

This morning the rooftops were covered with a think layer of frozen water – a sign that we were visited by the first frost of the season. Autumn bike rides are filled with color and confusion. The heat of the sun beats down and as long as you are at a stand still it could be summer. Get on a bike and the rush of

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Cows in Providence Canyon

Taking Lunch With The Cows

Where there is cow pucky there are cows. It took the Ripmo and I three laps dodging cow pies but the giant critters finally showed their faces. Most of it was dry and we escaped the truly nasty experience of coming home covered in manure based compost. At one point, in an attempt to clear the sweat from my face I instead poked myself in

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Fall in Logan Canyon

Sneaking Out in Search of Color

Shorter days and cooler mornings means the forests are slowly painting the mountains with the colors of Fall. The Bianchi and I set out to indulge in the changes just getting started in Logan Canyon. The Bianchi is light and fast and unforgiving and I didn’t relish the pounding I take on the descent. However, for these views and sights I can endure 15 minutes

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