Stupid weather predicted rain all day so I rode the trainer. Turned out to be pretty perfect but my body was shot and my time short by the time I realized the conditions would be awesome. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9


During the Storm

I was geared up and walking out the door to go ride when the wind kicked into high gear, the dark cloud rolled in and the rains started. Sadly this was my window of ride opportunity so I sunk back into the basement to ride on Zwift. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone


Just one hour

It’s summer which means I should be outside riding. When I woke up there was thunder and lightening and hurricane force winds. By 9am it was 90 degrees. No idea idea what’s up with the world. It took all my will to succumb to the trainer on a summer day. I talked myself into an hour. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone

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Cold and Rainey

I keep thinking I’ll put my Zwift subscription on hold and then it pours rain and gets cold. We need the water and the rain keeps the trails from turning into a dusty mess so I won’t complain. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9


Riding with the Herd

I hate riding in the rain so I’m still stuck inside. Lucky for me The Herd rode today. It’s a Zwift group I love to join. I get pretty lazy when I ride solo. Riding with others fixes my brain and helps me push a little(or a lot) harder. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9