I blame the Pandemic

Everything can be blamed on the stupid virus so I’m blaming my apparent loss of strength and speed on the entire thing. I keep hoping my tears after these Zwift rides will lead to performance gains but alas I think with each passing ride I’m just getting older not faster. The rides – Zwift

Zwift screenshot

Zwift Dune

It’s windy and rainy and I’m a wimp and don’t ride in that stuff unless I really have to. I’ve been waiting for Dune to come out and with grey skies and a couple of hours on a trainer ahead of me I watched it all. I had seen the 1984 version but I’ve mostly forgotten it. It wasn’t bad but you have to really

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Mountain bike on a forest trail

Greasy Lunch

With the sun shining and the crisp chill of Fall on the air the Ripmo and I set out seeking the perfect Autumn ride. The temperature was perfect, the Ripmo was perfect, the trail was perfect, I was less perfect. Whipping down the BJ’s on my first run I came across a patch of greasy trail torn up by horse hooves which resulted some unanticipated

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