Shadow of a road bike rider

Drafting my shadow

Sure riding in a group makes you go faster and there are definitely days I miss the hum of tires and chains particular to riding in a peloton. A solo ride gives you a moment (or a couple of hours) to meditate. I do haunt the same roads over and over. There’s a reason – no cars and beautiful country side or tree filled canyons.

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Dam to dam and all the pretty ponies in between

According a calendar my wife has yesterday was ride the wind day. That must mean today was fight the wind day. I and my legs prefer ride the wind day. We were severely punished for missing it. Nothing is more disheartening than pushing 300 watts and going 10 MPH. Instead, we gave up and pushed 150 watts and went 9MPH. The ponies made The ride

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My bike without water bottles

The one where I left my water bottles on my truck tail gate

As is my theme as of late I woke up late which left me rushing to get out the door before sun bolstered the day’s temperature. My brain doesn’t handle being rushed and 7 miles into the ride I realized I had not actually moved my water bottles from my tail gate and onto my bike. Faced with the choice of turning back and most

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Road up BlackSmithFork Canyon

Legs are like no, nope, no way

Not a terrible ride. Even though I slept in it wasn’t too hot which was a miracle given the heat wave that is cooking most of the Northern Hemisphere. I had one of those days were breaking 20mph was a grind and my legs felt like giant lead rods. The bruise from a recent mountain bike incident on my left leg still hurts on occasion.

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View of the road from the handlebars on the way out to Porcupine

Bruised But Not Beaten to the Ends of the Road Go I

My muscles are still feeling the effects of their encounter with the dirt. The bruises have changed colors. The soreness isn’t a big deal but it keeps me from really pushing hard as my knees don’t feel awesome. It was perfect morning for a ride with no wind on the way out and just a bit of wind in my face on the way back

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Country road in Paradise

Racing tractors recover ride

After yesterday’s crash I had resolved last night to sleep in and blow off riding. My body had other ideas and woke me up early in the morning. I was up and my knees felt fine so I committed myself to a gentle recovery ride. I was slow up until I ended up with a tractor behind me. A bit of flight instinct kicked in

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Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Utah. Blue skies with open road leading into the mountains.

May your journey ever be sunshine and open road

Kind of a weak ride this morning. My legs were not up for a constant push. However, the more chill pace gave me a chance to breath in the morning air and absorb the beauty of this place I call home. Summer mornings last only a few months. I have to spend every possible moment living in them while I can. The ride – Paradise

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Morning sun in South Canyon

Though I ride through the Valley of Cache and the wind be my kryptonite I shall not whine (very much)

Summery morning road bike rides in Cache Valley are beautiful and the perfect temperature. The wind does ruin the serenity from time to time and my time this morning reflects that. Still as long as I can get my legs to turn, I’ll take any day on a bike. The ride – Porcupine Dam The bike Time VRS Fluidity