Green glittering like a gem

Some days are just perfect. Today was just perfect. I haven’t been up Green Canyon since I managed to repair the Beargrease. After taking the last spot in the parking lot I set out from the dark grey of a typically Cache Valley winter day and ascended into the sunshine and glittering snow. On the way up I passed the carcass of a dear recently devoured by a mountain lion. The trail was perfectly groomed and smooth, a nice contrast from the last ride where I at the top my attempt to push through the deep snow destroyed my rear hub.

After reaching the top parking lot of Green Canyon I ventured on a bit further taking the trail towards the wilderness. It was ungroomed and the one track in the snow was proof that few riders had bothered to venture here. As I climbed further towards the wilderness boundary my path began to trace the trail of a cougar. I know they are up here. The snow of winter preserves a bit of proof.

Tried of trying to maintain my balance while pushing through the snow I turned around at this point to go face the errands of the day.

The ride – Green Canyon

My new Gear

Sram GX AXS rear derailleur

The Sram GX AXS rear derailleur performs perfectly in the snow and freezing cold. The GX Controller is super easy to shift when wearing thick gloves. For now I have it paired with a Sram 12 speed NX rear cassette. Click through any of the links to get current pricing or to buy them on Competitive Cyclist.

Your local bike shop will likely have a GX AXS setup or you can also find them online:

Trek bikes has a full upgrade kit with the controller

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