Surfing the moon dust

Moon dust covered both trail and sky. If it wasn’t brown you would be forgiven for thinking the forest was on fire. Devin and I both came home caked in a light mud made from a mixture of sweat and infinity small particles of trail. The creek in Green Canyon has run dry but the thick greenery provides ample defense from the stinging rays of

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Green Canyon winter

Green starts smooth then turns rowdy at the top

For the New Year I wanted to ride Green Canyon. It’s usually a perfect winter trail. Today the bottom of the trail was awesome. The upper part turned into a 30 minute kick to the groin as the hikers had worn so many giant holes that it was barely ridable. Still it was gorgeous so I had to persevere. The ride – Green Canyon The

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Fall colors in Green Canyon

Visual Gluttony

If viewing colors counts as consumption then my favorite sin is gluttony. The colors of Green canyon overwhelm the senses and leave you soaked in pure visual bliss. I love Autumn. My descents are much slower since I’m constantly distracted and braking to take another photo. The Ripmo gets a bit impatient, but a few times a year we can slow down and take in

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