Eating some dirt

I can home with dirt in my teeth. I’m sitting here with ice on my knee and raspberries on my shoulder, my right leg, my left thigh and under my left arm. I’m not sure how I managed that last one. The trails are dry and the dust is slick as ice. I hit a corner and my rear wheel totally slipped out. I tried to correct and my front wheel caught a rock. At that point I made all kinds of contact with the ground. When I got home my wife let me know that there was dirt on my teeth. Now I have aches all over and a few days of recovery ahead.

I was wearing arm and knee protection from Troy Lee. After a couple of wrecks where I ended up in the emergency room I wear them on every mountain bike ride these days. What would have been plenty of blood and maybe some stitches were reduced to minor scratches and some bruises that will take a few days to walk off.

Minor scrapes instead of stitches

The ride – Providence Canyon

The bike – Ibis Ripmo