No I don’t know where I’m going

Devin and I meant to ride up Smithfield canyon. We were on gravel bikes so I insisted we find gravel. We found it but then got lost trying to take the Bonneville Shoreline trail from Green Canyon north. We managed to ride bits of trail. We also found parts of other trails, dirt roads straight up the hillside, wild horses and an ATV dirt park

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Crank brothers you have failed me again

I’ve lost count of the number of Egg Beaters I’ve replaced. I noticed my left pedal was making some strange noises on the descent but I assumed it was due to the loose rock flipping up and banging against the Ripmo. I was wrong. I flew off a rock and upon landing the platform detached from the spindle. This was not my first Egg Beater

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Chipseal is the new gravel

Bear Lake was calling and I was going to be lazy and not ride at all today and instead focus on paddle boarding. However, Devin loves his new Cannondale Topstone and had other plans that involved us riding a lot of chip sealed roads in some record breaking heat. Who am I to resist father-son bonding time? The ride – Paradise, Utah The bike –

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Surfing the moon dust

Moon dust covered both trail and sky. If it wasn’t brown you would be forgiven for thinking the forest was on fire. Devin and I both came home caked in a light mud made from a mixture of sweat and infinity small particles of trail. The creek in Green Canyon has run dry but the thick greenery provides ample defense from the stinging rays of

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A river runs through it

The water is still flowing free in Providence Canyon. It usually would have dried up by now. The flies are thick thanks to plenty of cow manure and it is getting hot fast. The dropped post on the Ripmo randomly stopped working mid-ride then started working again then stopped again. I thought it was the battery but a replacement doesn’t seem to help. I’m a

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Going bi-directional

The Juniper Jardine trail is a magical summer ride. Everyone thinks so because everyone was there this morning. I rode clockwise out of habit and because riding the top loop clockwise means more shade during the climbing bit. I crossed paths with someone going the other way and wondered what I was missing so I also rode it counter-clockwise. I freed from my usual habits.

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