Logan River Trail

  • The gates of Shangri-La
    Logan Canyon is a beautiful place that hides a lot of small beautiful places. To get to those beautiful places requires passing two tests. First, the dragon awaits the adventurer. Push hard past the dragon’s breath and you will be rewarded. Second, while facing the dragon’s breath you must climb through moon dust and marbles. Crest the hill and you shall pass the gates into

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  • Another Dam Ride
    Nothing is prettier than Logan canyon in the morning. Except my wife. Of course I meant to say not prettier then my wife. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Bianchi Cavaria
  • Going full tourist
    I’ve been watching the rides of a bunch of my Strava acquaintances. They are all in France riding all the amazing segments of the Tour de France – past and present. It looks amazing and it’s easy to be jealous. Someday I will follow in their footsteps and climb all the lung busted roads of the Pyrenees. Until that day comes I have to remind

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  • The Sweet Smell of Sagebrush After Rain
    A late night rain provided some relief to the scorched dirt thirsty from a summer’s worth of heat and sun. I had to squish the ride between morning activities and so it was a fast out and back without a lot of stopping. Lucky for me the clouds hung around to keep my skin from broiling off. The rain left the forest wet and vaguely

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  • Rattlesnakes and Barking Dogs. The Sounds of a Summer Morning Ride
    Beautiful morning with perfect weather to spend an hour or so in Logan Canyon. Every time I ride here I find a holy re-connection with with the natural world. The sound of an unhappy rattlesnake did wake me from the zen moment but neither of us wanted anything to do with each other and we parted ways without incident. I’m definitely a source of interest

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  • Quarrel with a Cramp
    Headed out early on a gravel ride up Logan Canyon. I was slowed by a steady stream of runners from the USU cross country team. That’s all fine but what literally stopped me in my tracks was a sudden burning sensation from my left quad that got me off my bike for a few minutes while I punched my leg and limped around the trail.

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  • Good Morning Cache Valley
    In spite of being up late to enjoy the various pyrotechnics around the valley my brain woke me up before the sun. The Bianchi was grumpy and at first refused to pick any gear. Gradually we agreed on a couple that would work but not before it fully threw the chain off the top ring. It really needs some spa time at the shop. The

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  • One for me and one to get Devin out of the basement
    Spent some time on the suffer circles in Providence Canyon and then took Devin on the Logan River Trail until the sun set. The ride – Providence Canyon The ride – Logan River Trail The bikes – Ibis Ripmo and Dev on the Ibis Ripley
  • Rolling through God’s gardens
    A morning ride in Logan Canyon never disappoints. With perfect dirt and wildflowers in bloom I could have spent the day wandering up and down the extraordinary hills of this amazing place. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Bianchi Cavaria
  • Teaching a child the way they should go
    Evening ride with my wife and sons. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Unexpected Encounter
    Logan Canyon is a beautiful place. I’ve been wanting to take out the Bianchi again (in spite of an unruly rear derailleur). With every change of the season Logan Canyon brings a new feast for the eyes. On the last climb to the rock slide I was pushing as hard as I could and not paying attention to much else. I came around the corner

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  • So many gnats
    Errands and soccer games consumed my morning. I found a slight break in the evening to get out and and spend some time in one of the most beautiful canyons on earth. Lucky for me it is a short ride on a beautiful Bianchi to a heavenly spot. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Bianchi Cavaria