Providence Canyon Trail

RIP Ripley (rear shifter)

I was planning on spending some quality time with the Ripley this morning. I did all the usual things like air the tires and lube the chain and then took off. The Ripley has Crank Brothers double shot pedals. I thought I was being smart and using some flat pedals that my son could ride without being clipped while still having a cleat that I

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Trees in Providence Canyon

Watch your head

Another, “watch your head” warning. In spite of my body’s inability to produce any significant power I decided I missed Providence Canyon too much to not try a quick up and back. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still not processing information correctly or if the trees really are starting to lean into the trail more than they used to but I managed to

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Spring creek in Providence Canyon

Dust and mud

The Ripmo ran into a twin at the top of Providence. They quickly exchanged pleasantries as we finished the top loop. As we dropped into the creek I was reminded that by the time August rolls around usually the trails are inches deep in moon dust. This year, with copious rain, the trails are packed and the creek is still running. The Ripmo has a

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Green Canyon Trail

Dev’s first flat

Took and evening ride with Devin. We had a great time. He was climbing hard. We got to the top and his front tire was totally deflated. The sealant had dried out leaving him with a slow leak. Luckily, another ride lent us a pump. He managed to get half way down but was robbed from the full downhill experience when the front tire finally

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