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View from the top of Providence Canyon

Getting as High as I can

If you’re weekend plans involve finding ways to elevate your existence might I recommend your path involved two wheels and all the cardio you can muster. The Ripmo talked me into some serious climbing over serious rocks to serious heights. Even with my drive to the trailhead cheating I burned up my legs and managed to sweet views. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike

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I kept pushing off my ride waiting for the wind to die down and the temperature to rise just a bit. Neither happened and with a pending soccer game I found myself on Zwift. My legs burned up, my interest in being on the trainer somewhere around 0 I was not fast and now I really just need a nap. The ride – Zwift The

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I Need Some Vitamin E

I had heard rumors of new dirt and I had seen the Strava evidence. Undeterred by the E-bike labels I determined to make a loop up Providence and then take a slight detour to check out the fabled new route with my own eyes. An hour later, my legs crying for mercy, I discovered This is brand new dirt. Like you can see the shovel

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