View from the Ibis Ripmo cockpit

Bee to the Tooth. That Was Weird.

Felt good so I kept riding loops. The Ripmo really likes the current trail conditions. Also, while flying down the trails I hit a fairly large bee with my front tooth. That is a strange experience. Luckily I got away without being stung in the mouth. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo

I Need Some Vitamin E

I had heard rumors of new dirt and I had seen the Strava evidence. Undeterred by the E-bike labels I determined to make a loop up Providence and then take a slight detour to check out the fabled new route with my own eyes. An hour later, my legs crying for mercy, I discovered This is brand new dirt. Like you can see the shovel

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Boulders in Providence Canyon next to the trail with blue sky in the background

What a load of horse crap

Today’s ride was beautiful with a few moments of carefully guiding the Ripmo through the landmines left without thought or care by our equestrian friends. I think everyone should have access to public trails but remind me why it’s OK to leave mountains of horse crap right next to a stream? The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo

Spring Creek in Providence Canyon

Is Russia invading Providence Canyon?

After months in the shop waiting on parts I managed to get my Ripmo back this week. I’ve been waiting for the Canyon’s to dry out and since the River Trail seemed pretty perfect yesterday I was hoping Providence Canyon would be perfect today. Turns out it was perfect. Everyone else had the same thought. It was a busy day for riders. It was also

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Late Fall in Providence Canyon

Damp and snowy, sticky and flowy

Last week it rained and then it snowed. Then we all left for St George for a few days which gave the trails time to dry out. With another set of storms headed in today the Ripmo and I braced for a bit of cool air and ran a couple of loops on my favorite trail. The ride – Providence Canyon

Maple leaves changing color

Slick Rock

The organic perfume of a thirsty forest drenched by summer thunderstorms through the night filled my nose. In the high desert this is a rare scent. I drank deeply from the clear mountain air. The Ripmo clung to the moist dirt and in turn the dirt clung to the Ripmo. The wet rock provided precious little grip to the rear end and we’d frequently spin

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