snow covered trail

Baby it’s cold outside

With my Salsa Beargrease now sporting a brand new AXS GX transmission I was stoked to get out and play in the snow. Sadly, the experience started with me leaving the parking lot and immediately dropping the chain into the wheel. Digging the chain out of the spoke in near 0 degree fahrenheit temperatures was miserable. Not a great first impression of the much hyped

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Providence Trail in the Winter

Fresh waffles. Blessed be the trail groomers.

The snow has finally fallen in sufficient quantity to justify getting the fat bike out. Riding in the snow is hard. It’s cold. You slip a lot. Climbing on ice and snow adds a new level of challenge. It’s the most beautiful experience and I love it. The winter forest is mostly vacant of other users. With the snow falling the silence and solitude is

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zwift screenshot

Zwifty Week

Winter has set in and so I spent the majority of the week in the basement on Zwift. Getting on the trainer isn’t always fun but it is convenient. Having a virtual world to hang out in with other people makes the time pass. I’ve done various training programs offered by Zwift over the years but I’m finding more and more that just riding with

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Frost on the trail in Providence Canyon

Stayin’ Frosty

Turns out enough frost on the ground makes it pretty slick. Still I can’t complain that I’m still on the Ripmo and December 3rd. Pretty sure the Beargrease has been my main steed this time most years. There’s a bit of slip sliding, for some reason the Assegais are sucking up everything on the trail and throwing it into a pile right above my rear

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