Baby it’s cold outside

With my Salsa Beargrease now sporting a brand new AXS GX transmission I was stoked to get out and play in the snow. Sadly, the experience started with me leaving the parking lot and immediately dropping the chain into the wheel. Digging the chain out of the spoke in near 0 degree fahrenheit temperatures was miserable. Not a great first impression of the much hyped AXS GX but I suspect it just needs a bit of adjusting.

Unfortunately, the rest of the ride didn’t go a lot better with the rear cassette cracking every time I shifted or put weight on it. I’m excited to try out the micro-adjustments provided by the Sram drivetrain but given my crazy schedule for the week it will probably just end up back at the shop.

The bottom portion of the trail was pretty great. The top hadn’t been groomed and fewer riders (like one rider) had traveled the path less taken. I took the road up along with all the guys on snow machines and then let gravity help me make my way down the trail.

The ride – Providence Canyon