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The bad kind of Zwift pain

Ever have one of those dreams where you really want to run but when you try it’s like your moving through molasses? I started on Zwift feeling OK but then my legs just started to refuse to spin the cranks. Not sure if I’m out of gas or tired or just getting old or what. The ride – Zwift

Blue skies over Providence Canyon trail

All the Best People

Some days don’t turn out the way you think it will. With blue skies and nice temperatures on a November day I thought I’d do my typical ride – 4 loops and a couple of hours. I wasn’t alone in taking advantage of the weather and trail conditions. I had a great time catching up with friends while catching my breath. The mountains really are

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Zwift screenshot

Watopia Blur

I’ve been on the trainer for the past 3 days. For whatever reason Zwift disconnected from Strava so not all the rides made it over. Multiple days on the trainer leaves the brain a mess of indistinguishable memories that all blur together and my legs are still whining and crying out with debilitating cramps. I keep telling myself tomorrow will be the day I feel

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Spring Hollow stream flowing through trees

Slippery When Wet

The bitter chill in the air keeps me off my road bike in the late Fall. Similar justifications apply to the cross bike. However, in the name of variety I pulled out the Bianchi and all my cold weather gear and headed to Logan canyon. The consequence for any speed above 20mph was a distinct loss of feeling in my fingers and a deep bite

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