Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Blacksmith Fork canyon is both beautiful and deceiving. It is generally uphill. However, I frequently find myself flying up, my music clear and the hum of the tires against asphalt pronounced. Those are the signs that I am not Superman. Rather, a tailwind is carrying me deeper into the belly of the beast. Turn around and the breath of the dragon will consume your heart, soul and motivation as you pedal with all your might to escape the jaws of the demon.

This is one of the most popular rod bike rides in Cache Valley. It starts near the city of Hyrum and ends 14 miles later at Hardware Ranch. The canyon is typically a few degrees cooler than the valley and so this is an especially popular ride in the summer.

  • Remembering that I own a road bike
    I love the mountains and I spent a lot of time there. Cache Valley has some pretty amazing roads. After neglecting my road bike for quite a while I decided it was time to go out for some asphalt meditation. The weather was spectacular. The ride was perfect. The ride – Paradise The bike – Time VRS Fluidity
  • Wind, Sun and the Hum of Asphalt
    Right at lunch the sun shone bright, the air was mostly still and for the first time this year I found myself haunting the country and canyon roads of Cache County. There’s something significant about the first ride after a long winter. Sure, I’ve been out in the snow on the fat bike and I love snow biking. Though I’ve been blessed with many first

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  • Seeking Solitude
    This is a crank rant. Read at your own peril. <crank> Some days I hate people. Not anyone person, just all people. The thought of interacting with another human is exhausting. I don’t want to listen to anyone’s demands. I don’t want a to do list. I don’t really care to hear anymore about why I’m not the perfect or even decent human in your

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  • What a Place!
    Praying as I pedal that this not be the path on which I pass I am particular about picking a path vacant of the petroleum powered population conveyors that power people from point to point out here in Paradise. I pass ponies and pastures. A phone call, Shimano will warranty my cassette but the parts cannot arrive by parcel until July is past and August

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  • Recovering From Old Age
    I usually wake up to the first rays of the morning sun breaking over the mountains to the East. It’s a pleasant way to start the day. This morning I was awoken by a burning sensation under my right shoulder blade and a numb hand. Mountain biking, body is fine. Paddleboarding I’m fine. Apparently sleeping through the night is my biggest physical challenge. I took

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