Winter in Green Canyon

Crunchy Smooth

Green Canyon is almost always a beautifully groomed, hard packed, ice road. At the beginning of the trail the air bit at any of my exposed skin and pierced deep and painful. The hard packed icy snow crunched loudly but the trail was smooth, sticky and fast. As I ascended the last section towards the Mt Naomi Wilderness I didn’t expect much given that the

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The sun shining over snow covered Providence Canyon

Love Letters to the Sun

While the valley is wrapper in the bitter cold of winter inversion the mountains reward those who venture higher with an escape from the filthy air and the biting frost. It’s counter-intuitive at first but the higher you go the warmer the air becomes (if 30 degrees is warm). The sky is blue and the sun breaks out. Covered in layers of winter gear the

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To The Moon

When I logged onto Zwift this morning I was reminded that I’m riding to the moon. Without any Tour de Zwift stages left for now I decided to put in some elevation on the Alpe du Zwift so that I might inch a tad bit higher up into the sky. With my legs crying in pain and a bunch of interruptions for meetings dragging the

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Sunshine in Green Canyon

Green glittering like a gem

Some days are just perfect. Today was just perfect. I haven’t been up Green Canyon since I managed to repair the Beargrease. After taking the last spot in the parking lot I set out from the dark grey of a typically Cache Valley winter day and ascended into the sunshine and glittering snow. On the way up I passed the carcass of a dear recently

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The last Tour de Zwift Stage 3

The short ride turned into a longer ride when I just kept going around in circles. The ride – Zwift The equipment I’m super lucky and my wife bought me a Wahoo KICKR. It’s realist and for a trainer pretty quiet. If you have the means or a birthday coming up I highly recommend one. Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer $1199.99 from If you

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