Crunchy Smooth

Green Canyon is almost always a beautifully groomed, hard packed, ice road. At the beginning of the trail the air bit at any of my exposed skin and pierced deep and painful. The hard packed icy snow crunched loudly but the trail was smooth, sticky and fast. As I ascended the last section towards the Mt Naomi Wilderness I didn’t expect much given that the trail was barely passable just last week. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the trail had been groomed and packed since I last found myself passing through. In the distance I could hear the rumble of a gas engine. The only petro powered device allowed here is the trail grooming machine and before long I needed to pull over to let him pass. After having ascended 1,400 feet the air had become clean and the temperature was approaching the 30s. With all my layers and the sun shining I started to feel hot. After the groomer had past I tried to continue on but the warmth and the disturbed snow left a weak base that I could no longer float on and so I turned back having once again drunk in the beauty of a winter’s day in Utah’s mountains.

The ride – Green Canyon

The bike – Salsa Beargrease