Providence Canyon Creek Crossing

Splash Mountain

The water was back in the dry creek beds again today. I and the Ripmo returned home wet and muddy. The snow must still be melting up high. I’ve adjusted my ride a bit to avoid the section of trail that has become a waterfall. Strava doesn’t show it but this was one of my fastest overall all times from leaving my house to returning

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Water crossing in Providence Canyon

Only one chance to ride this week. Glad to spend it with the canyon I Love.

A early week conference and a weekend with my wife means this first week of June I have one chance to ride. I chose to spend it with the Ripmo in Providence Canyon. The snow is melting up high feeding water to typically dry creek beds. Splashing and wet socks were defined this time in the mountains. Definitely a good choice. The ride – Providence

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Providence Canyon trail

Afternoon Mountain Bike Ride

On this perfect May afternoon with the Ripmo begging for time outside and my son on the Ripley today we spent some quality time flying and bouncing over the freshly cleaned and always joy inducing Providence Canyon. These are the days that we remember when we aren’t riding. Also Dev probably wanted to kill me after I pushed him to the edge of puking. The

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