Cows in Providence Canyon

Crappy but pretty

In my ongoing battle with cows I’m still losing. Less excrement on the trails but more belligerent beasts blocking the way. No idea how there wasn’t poop everywhere today. I made the climb to the quarry for the views and ran into a full team of fire fighters and the county sheriff. I asked what was up and got nothing but they assured me there

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Cows destroying Providence Canyon trails

Bovine bulldozers doing their worst

Today was a crappy ride on this first day of summer – literally. Spent quite a bit of post ride time cleaning excrement off my bike and body. It was gross. The livestock have plowed up most of the upper loop and have done a fine job destroying trail, creek and vegetation. By rights they have every legal reason to be there but it just

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Creek next to Providence Canyon Trail

The beller of bovines means a storm of cow crap is coming

Froze my toes into a lasting numbness with all the creek crossings. In spite of frozen phalanges it was a perfect day to ride through the lush green growth only present this time of the year. On the way down the cows were making their way up the road. I’m hoping they continue way up into the canyon but I suspect my next ride will

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