Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon is the closest trail to my house so I ride it all the time. Luckily for me it is also one of my favorite trails of all time. The trails gnomes have don’t an amazing job building a really fun trail. They also spend a ton of time maintaining it.

I ride a few miles of asphalt from my house to get to the trail. When I first started I would drive to the trailhead. Then realized that was stupid. A bike is a great form of transportation. Why put it in a truck and drive when you can cover the same distance in not much more time. Also, there isn’t a ton of parking and on busy days the parking lot can be full. By riding I can ensure I don’t waste time looking for a spot.

I do ride the trail year round. Here’s what it looks like.

  • My legs are filled with tears
    I had intended to take it easy on the climb but then a kid passed me and my stupid kicked in. My legs were crying but my ego pushed my heart, lungs and legs until satisfaction could be found at the top of the trail. They are all on strike now but the ride was pretty great so I think I might be able to

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  • Getting as High as I can
    If you’re weekend plans involve finding ways to elevate your existence might I recommend your path involved two wheels and all the cardio you can muster. The Ripmo talked me into some serious climbing over serious rocks to serious heights. Even with my drive to the trailhead cheating I burned up my legs and managed to sweet views. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike

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  • Bee to the Tooth. That Was Weird.
    Felt good so I kept riding loops. The Ripmo really likes the current trail conditions. Also, while flying down the trails I hit a fairly large bee with my front tooth. That is a strange experience. Luckily I got away without being stung in the mouth. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • I Need Some Vitamin E
    I had heard rumors of new dirt and I had seen the Strava evidence. Undeterred by the E-bike labels I determined to make a loop up Providence and then take a slight detour to check out the fabled new route with my own eyes. An hour later, my legs crying for mercy, I discovered This is brand new dirt. Like you can see the shovel

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  • What a load of horse crap
    Today’s ride was beautiful with a few moments of carefully guiding the Ripmo through the landmines left without thought or care by our equestrian friends. I think everyone should have access to public trails but remind me why it’s OK to leave mountains of horse crap right next to a stream? The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Perfected by angels with a few rocks thrown in by the devil for fun.
    As far as mountain bike days go it doesn’t get better than today. Perfect temperature. Perfect dirt. Perfect conditions. I finished 5 laps and could have gone for more but at some point you have to go home. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Is Russia invading Providence Canyon?
    After months in the shop waiting on parts I managed to get my Ripmo back this week. I’ve been waiting for the Canyon’s to dry out and since the River Trail seemed pretty perfect yesterday I was hoping Providence Canyon would be perfect today. Turns out it was perfect. Everyone else had the same thought. It was a busy day for riders. It was also

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  • This is why we can’t have nice things
    It was a beautiful winter Saturday to get out and ride The almost perfect trails. Without obligations pulling me back to my desk I had time to ride up to the top of the quarry in Providence Canyon. The last time I attempted this climb the road lacked the base needed to make the climb. The snow machines float above the snow and with being

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  • Warm and sparkly
    With beautiful weather comes slightly warmer temperatures and the trails are starting to melt just a bit. To take advantage of the winter beauty while it’s here I ran three laps. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Salsa Beargrease
  • Do It Again
    In the summer I typically ride a several loops at the top of Providence Canyon. The trail was perfect and I even though most of the feeling in my hands was we gone I took advantage of the perfect conditions and made a second loop. Then I climbed up the road for a while which would usually be miserable but with the cold temperature was

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  • Delightful Day
    It’s really easy to make excuses for not leaving the house during the winter. It’s cold. The air is frequently bad. It takes less time to jump on the training and do the rounds in Zwift. However, there’s an enormous physical and mental benefit from leaving the house and getting out into nature. Sunny days with perfect trails fill my soul with delight. Today was

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  • Almost a Dark Ride
    Late on this Saturday afternoon I managed to get away for a little bit and was rewarded with a perfect trail and spectacular conditions. I’ve been slow getting out of the canyon in the past and I’ve had to pick my way out in the dark. For years I swore I would by a bike light and I finally got around to it. I was

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