Someday I’d like to make my way to England and ride around Surrey for real. It’s been a few years since I’ve visited London. We loved the country and the one thing I missed out on was riding in the country side. Until things around the world calm down I’ll have to settle for the virtual experience. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek

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At some point I joined a Wahoo climbing challenge. I finished that today so now I’m entered to win a bike computer and I get some virtual socks. Wahoo. Also, today I crossed 600,000 calories burned. It’s the little things that keep us coming back. Wahoo. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9

Ruts in the trail in Providence Canyon

This is why we can’t have nice things

It was a beautiful winter Saturday to get out and ride The almost perfect trails. Without obligations pulling me back to my desk I had time to ride up to the top of the quarry in Providence Canyon. The last time I attempted this climb the road lacked the base needed to make the climb. The snow machines float above the snow and with being

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Almost made it

Started climbing the Alp de Zwift today. My legs are burned up but I usually make it to the top. Today I ran out of time and had to bail. No big loss. I’m hoping to be out on the snow again tomorrow. We’ll see if schedules permit or not. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9