The sweaty burn

I finished a new route in the Makuri Islands and then rode with the 3R group. All was going well until I got distracted and dropped. My biggest complaint about Zwift is that you can be doing just great and then if you turn away at just the wrong moment you get dropped and once dropped you are screwed. I watched as I was outputing 6 W/kg and I couldn’t catch a group where riders were outputting 2.5-3 W/kg. I get it. In real life it’s really hard to catch a group. You are just way more efficient in a peloton. That being said, it shouldn’t be impossible to make up a few hundred yards if you are willing to really push it. For whatever reason, even with max efforts I find there are a few times when Zwift says no way and leaves you to die.

The rides – Zwift

The bike – Trek Madone 6.9 on a Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer