Ibis Ripley

My first twenty-niner and the bike that made 29″ wheels the only size I would ever ride again. This is a V1 and as of 2021 is 6 years old. I’ve replaced the XTR drivetrain twice and this bike just keeps going. It’s truly a classic.

The Ibis Ripley in its element

I wish the fork on the Ripley V1 was raked out a little bit more. On steep climbs I frequently lift the front end off the ground. The LS version of the Ripley influenced all subsequent models and now the Ripley geometry is pretty spot on.

Now the quirks. The seat collar is 1 cm too tall for my frame. Ibis fixed that in the V2 and so with newer models you can run a tall dropper post and still get the height adjustment right. I’ve learned to live with the extra height and I manage to stop the seat right before it hits its peak.

My other original complaint was the color. I didn’t like the neon green on black. I’ve 100% reversed my thinking and now I really like the color combination. It’s a beautiful bike.

Latest Ripley posts

  • Remembering that I own a road bike
    I love the mountains and I spent a lot of time there. Cache Valley has some pretty amazing roads. After neglecting my road bike for quite a while I decided it was time to go out for some asphalt meditation. The weather was spectacular. The ride was perfect. The ride – Paradise The bike – Time VRS Fluidity
  • My legs are filled with tears
    I had intended to take it easy on the climb but then a kid passed me and my stupid kicked in. My legs were crying but my ego pushed my heart, lungs and legs until satisfaction could be found at the top of the trail. They are all on strike now but the ride was pretty great so I think I might be able to

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  • Unexpected Encounter
    Logan Canyon is a beautiful place. I’ve been wanting to take out the Bianchi again (in spite of an unruly rear derailleur). With every change of the season Logan Canyon brings a new feast for the eyes. On the last climb to the rock slide I was pushing as hard as I could and not paying attention to much else. I came around the corner

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  • So many gnats
    Errands and soccer games consumed my morning. I found a slight break in the evening to get out and and spend some time in one of the most beautiful canyons on earth. Lucky for me it is a short ride on a beautiful Bianchi to a heavenly spot. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Bianchi Cavaria
  • Getting as High as I can
    If you’re weekend plans involve finding ways to elevate your existence might I recommend your path involved two wheels and all the cardio you can muster. The Ripmo talked me into some serious climbing over serious rocks to serious heights. Even with my drive to the trailhead cheating I burned up my legs and managed to sweet views. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike

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  • Meh
    I kept pushing off my ride waiting for the wind to die down and the temperature to rise just a bit. Neither happened and with a pending soccer game I found myself on Zwift. My legs burned up, my interest in being on the trainer somewhere around 0 I was not fast and now I really just need a nap. The ride – Zwift The

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  • Bee to the Tooth. That Was Weird.
    Felt good so I kept riding loops. The Ripmo really likes the current trail conditions. Also, while flying down the trails I hit a fairly large bee with my front tooth. That is a strange experience. Luckily I got away without being stung in the mouth. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Cold with a side of meeting
    It’s still cold and I have a ton of meetings so I had to jump on the trainer. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • Why is there snow?
    Actually, I can’t hate the snow. We need the water. Another day on Zwift because I don’t like to be cold. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • I Need Some Vitamin E
    I had heard rumors of new dirt and I had seen the Strava evidence. Undeterred by the E-bike labels I determined to make a loop up Providence and then take a slight detour to check out the fabled new route with my own eyes. An hour later, my legs crying for mercy, I discovered This is brand new dirt. Like you can see the shovel

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  • What a load of horse crap
    Today’s ride was beautiful with a few moments of carefully guiding the Ripmo through the landmines left without thought or care by our equestrian friends. I think everyone should have access to public trails but remind me why it’s OK to leave mountains of horse crap right next to a stream? The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Still Wet
    Still wet so I’m still on Zwift. The Ripmo is in the shop anyway. Hoping to pick it up today and find myself in the canyon again tomorrow. The rides – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • Cold and Wet
    The mountains are covered in snow and the trails are wet so I rode Zwift. It’s a small price to pay while the trails dry out for a day. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • Perfected by angels with a few rocks thrown in by the devil for fun.
    As far as mountain bike days go it doesn’t get better than today. Perfect temperature. Perfect dirt. Perfect conditions. I finished 5 laps and could have gone for more but at some point you have to go home. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Making Up For Yesterday
    Having not ridden outside yesterday I felt the need to make up for my mistakes with two rides. Ride one was for me. Providence Canyon was busy but in perfect condition. I frequently make multiple loops at the top but today was about going fast and getting back so we could do ride number two. That’s the one where I take my sons and let

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  • Weather People Are the Biggest Liars
    I spent the morning tormented trying to decide if I go outside to enjoy the Springtime or if I would need to spend time on Zwift. The weather kept saying 100% chance of rain. I hate riding it the rain. I finally gave up and rode the trainer. Turns out the later part of the day was sunshine and regret. The ride – Zwift The

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  • Is Russia invading Providence Canyon?
    After months in the shop waiting on parts I managed to get my Ripmo back this week. I’ve been waiting for the Canyon’s to dry out and since the River Trail seemed pretty perfect yesterday I was hoping Providence Canyon would be perfect today. Turns out it was perfect. Everyone else had the same thought. It was a busy day for riders. It was also

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  • Outside Again
    I’d heard that the Logan River Trail had dried out enough to ride and so I felt obligated to check it out. Turns out the trail couldn’t be more perfect and the weather couldn’t be better. The trees were just starting to bud and the undergrowth has started turning green. The canyon is a magical place any time of year. The ride – Logan River

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  • Back Inside
    Too many meetings and an incoming storm left me riding Zwift this morning. Riding might be too strong. It was more like limping through Watopia. My legs were definitely disagreeable. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • Wind, Sun and the Hum of Asphalt
    Right at lunch the sun shone bright, the air was mostly still and for the first time this year I found myself haunting the country and canyon roads of Cache County. There’s something significant about the first ride after a long winter. Sure, I’ve been out in the snow on the fat bike and I love snow biking. Though I’ve been blessed with many first

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I’ve logged a lot of miles on this bike.