Ibis Ripley

My first twenty-niner and the bike that made 29″ wheels the only size I would ever ride again. This is a V1 and as of 2021 is 6 years old. I’ve replaced the XTR drivetrain twice and this bike just keeps going. It’s truly a classic.

The Ibis Ripley in its element

I wish the fork on the Ripley V1 was raked out a little bit more. On steep climbs I frequently lift the front end off the ground. The LS version of the Ripley influenced all subsequent models and now the Ripley geometry is pretty spot on.

Now the quirks. The seat collar is 1 cm too tall for my frame. Ibis fixed that in the V2 and so with newer models you can run a tall dropper post and still get the height adjustment right. I’ve learned to live with the extra height and I manage to stop the seat right before it hits its peak.

My other original complaint was the color. I didn’t like the neon green on black. I’ve 100% reversed my thinking and now I really like the color combination. It’s a beautiful bike.

Latest Ripley posts

  • This is the way grasshopper
    As the summer ends there are so many grasshoppers wandering the hills. They are funny to watch. They can kind of fly. Not well, but they can. Today I had one fly right alongside me for about 100 feet. I didn’t know they could even manage a straight line. For a moment I was one with the grasshopper. The Ripmo was entertained and preoccupied with

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  • Another Day of Rain
    I love the rain even when it lands me on Zwift. I did unlock some fire socks so there’s that. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • Regrets
    Stupid weather predicted rain all day so I rode the trainer. Turned out to be pretty perfect but my body was shot and my time short by the time I realized the conditions would be awesome. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • More rain
    Another day of rain so another day of Zwift. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone
  • Rain and smoke
    The past few days have been smokey. Today it is dark and rainy. I’ll take the rain over the smoke. The air so nasty you can smell it. The trails are wet. I gave up and rode Zwift. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9
  • Dodging horse dung
    If a human took a dump in the middle of a trail people would be disgusted, and there’s a good chance there’s some legal consequences for the individual. If your dog poops on the trail it’s a courtesy and in a lot of instances a requirement to clean it up. Also, there’s no poop fairly. Don’t leave the bags of dog crap all over the

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  • Touching the dawn
    I’m not a morning person. However, the early start of my son’s school has forced me to get out of bed. As the days shorten that means I am hitting the trails before the sun has come up over the mountains. Just as I started the first rays of the morning sun kissed the canyon walls. As it did I get feel the heat on

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  • The gates of Shangri-La
    Logan Canyon is a beautiful place that hides a lot of small beautiful places. To get to those beautiful places requires passing two tests. First, the dragon awaits the adventurer. Push hard past the dragon’s breath and you will be rewarded. Second, while facing the dragon’s breath you must climb through moon dust and marbles. Crest the hill and you shall pass the gates into

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  • No idea where I’m going.
    We’re spending Labor Day Weekend with my wife’s family. I’ve got the Alta rack. I’ve got a Ripmo for me. My wife has a Mojo. My son has my old Ripley. My youngest has a Scott – only thing that fits him. I’m spite of being close to Powder Mountain time was not on my side. Like Moses I would not make way to the

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  • Houston the Ripmo has landed
    Skies devoid of clouds and ongoing temperatures north of 90 degrees have extracted every H2O molecule from the trails leaving billowy piles of moon dust. With my only audience stands of sunflowers observing at attention the Ripmo took us on a magical journey sliding through the moon dust and rolling through the marbles. The ride – Providence Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Yellow and purple polka dots
    I would have guessed heat and drought would have killed off all the wildflowers. Jardine Juniper proves just how resilient nature’s beauty can be. The ride – Jardine Juniper The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • Drafting my shadow
    Sure riding in a group makes you go faster and there are definitely days I miss the hum of tires and chains particular to riding in a peloton. A solo ride gives you a moment (or a couple of hours) to meditate. I do haunt the same roads over and over. There’s a reason – no cars and beautiful country side or tree filled canyons.

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  • Hints of Fall
    The Ripmo doesn’t like to stop once the downhill starts so there was a bit of an argument when I saw the hints of yellow appear on the maples. We didn’t stop the first time. The second time I got the photo. With a slight chill starting in the morning air there are tiny bits of color showing up in the under growth. I always

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  • That’s no Stick
    It was a snake. It looked just like a stick until the Ripmo almost crushed it and it slithered for its life. My brain sees every root or fallen stick as a snake so I’ve spent a bunch of time training myself to not see snakes. When everything is a snake my poor heart can’t take the stress. Ironically, right after telling myself it wasn’t

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  • Choose Wisely
    Later today we’re headed to southern Utah to take my daughter to college. I couldn’t resist pausing for a photo of this fork that I’ve ridden hundreds of times. This time it made me pause to think about the choices I’ve made at the forks in my life and about the decisions ahead of her. In other news it doesn’t matter which path you choose

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  • Another Dam Ride
    Nothing is prettier than Logan canyon in the morning. Except my wife. Of course I meant to say not prettier then my wife. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Bianchi Cavaria
  • Dam to dam and all the pretty ponies in between
    According a calendar my wife has yesterday was ride the wind day. That must mean today was fight the wind day. I and my legs prefer ride the wind day. We were severely punished for missing it. Nothing is more disheartening than pushing 300 watts and going 10 MPH. Instead, we gave up and pushed 150 watts and went 9MPH. The ponies made The ride

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  • Just Me
    The Ripmo requested a change of scenery and it’s been a while since we’ve seen the ancient Jardine Juniper. The parking lot was empty which meant we had the mountain to ourselves. The morning chill didn’t last long. The climb, the heavy breathing and the sweat start at the parking lot. The Ripmo was feeling spry together we held a decent pace in spite of

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  • Moist with a chance of hero dirt
    Another morning in Green Canyon after a weekend of some rain. Green holds onto water much better than Providence. Pretty sure that’s why it’s called Green Canyon. The sun was shining at the mouth but fell behind the hill as I climbed – it’s the way the Canyon is shaped and it meant that I would climb to the top without the sun in the

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  • Wander Through the Wildflowers
    Green Canyon earns it’s name. Even this late in the year there are still clusters of wildflowers that brighten up the ride. The Ripmo is not amused if I stop and smell the wildflowers so we compromise and I take a quick photo here and there. It’s only 15 minutes from my house but 15 out and 15 back is 30 minutes I could be

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I’ve logged a lot of miles on this bike.