Green Canyon winter trail

Winter Dream

rm today having been lovingly groomed by local volunteers. The sun reflected beautifully off the snow. The trail past the upper parking lot towards the Mt Naomi Wilderness was also in fine form for a while. The nightmare doesn’t begin for a mile or so. At that point the grooming ends and the only trail left is from hikers that attempted to wade through the

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Winter in Green Canyon

Crunchy Smooth

Green Canyon is almost always a beautifully groomed, hard packed, ice road. At the beginning of the trail the air bit at any of my exposed skin and pierced deep and painful. The hard packed icy snow crunched loudly but the trail was smooth, sticky and fast. As I ascended the last section towards the Mt Naomi Wilderness I didn’t expect much given that the

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Sunshine in Green Canyon

Green glittering like a gem

Some days are just perfect. Today was just perfect. I haven’t been up Green Canyon since I managed to repair the Beargrease. After taking the last spot in the parking lot I set out from the dark grey of a typically Cache Valley winter day and ascended into the sunshine and glittering snow. On the way up I passed the carcass of a dear recently

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The free hub is dead. Long live the free hub.

Today I discovered why my drivetrail was cracking all the time. I woke up to freezing, negative temps and decided that I would drop my son at school, ride and then drop by the shop to let the team there adjust things so that I could get rid of the annoying cracking noise coming from the rear end. As I attempted to blow through the

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I see your true colors

Like a Las Vegas buffet the colors of Green Canyon fill you with an overwhelming visual gluttony. Indulge in this sensory feast. Move ten feet and fill your soul with the colors of Autumn. Although highly distracting from the traditional thrills of mountain biking Fall in these canyons deserves a few moments of visual consumption as the mind’s eye preserves a record to be cherished

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Sun shining through the aspen trees in Green Canyon

Horse Biscuits

When schools starts everyone is focused on getting kids to class on time and the greater populous puts off spending time on the mountain trails. It’s the best time to ride. Normally Green Canyon is the busiest trail in Cache Valley. I didn’t have the place to myself but the trail was generally devoid of human beings. It was not devoid of horse pucky. The

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Green Day

Having backed away from my destructive attitude towards the Ripmo I discovered that most people cover their new toys in all kinds of protective shielding. I made an appointment with the bike shop to have them outfit the Ripmo with all the protective stuff. Think iPhone protective plastic but all over your bike. Whenever the bike goes to the shop I take a detour to

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