Morning sun peaking through the trees in Providence Canyon

Sneaking Out

We’re headed to the Tetons today. When leaving town I frequently am required to skip the daily ride because something about not helping with packing and getting ready. I went to bed resigned to that fate. Then before the sun awoke my eyes opened. The Ripmo was restless. Worried that my garage could not contain its energy I could ignore the beast no longer. Slipping

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Going Out for a Smoke

After a late Friday night of binging on s’mores I was sure my body would want to sleep in. Instead, I woke up drawn to an early morning ride on the Ripmo. The orange light of the early morning sun a sign of smoke filled skies telling me somewhere the West is on fire. The rising sun beautiful in the east distracted my mind from

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Forest trail with sunlight shining through the trees

Slaying Dragons

The Bianchi calling my name I woke ready to bask in the serenity of forest and stream. My pathway to zen required slaying the morning dragon. Like Don Quixote I set off on my steed to slay the imaginary beasts that stand guard at the gateway to Logan Canyon. While Don would face windmills I would battle the invisible force that propels the demons of

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Horse Flies Are From Hell

Cloud cover and morning AC blasting my body was fooled into believing that the morning Utah air would be cool and perfect for a ride. Instead the clouds withholding even the slightest drop of moisture instead populated the air with stifling humidity. I climbed through rock and dust roasted dry by drought and mountain sun all the while dripping as if I had just emerged

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Blacksmith Fork Canyon above the dam. Asphalt road stretching deeper into the canyon with water on the right, blue skies and mountains rising on both sides

What a Place!

Praying as I pedal that this not be the path on which I pass I am particular about picking a path vacant of the petroleum powered population conveyors that power people from point to point out here in Paradise. I pass ponies and pastures. A phone call, Shimano will warranty my cassette but the parts cannot arrive by parcel until July is past and August

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Sun shining through pine trees at the top of Juniper Jardine

Faith and Wildflowers

In the brisk, sharp, mountain morning air the Ripmo and I started up Jardine Juniper for a marvelous morning in the mountains. Crank turning and wheels rolling over rock and root we bickered about direction. The Ripmo likes to meander around the trail. I prefer to go straight. At one point the Ripmo wanders into a sagebrush. I pull hard on the reins to bring

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Direction arrows made from rocks at the Fork on Providence Canyon

Just me and Pavarotti

I used to ride without music. Then I rode with ear buds. Then I started scaring hikers and runners because I couldn’t hear them and since they usually have ear buds they couldn’t hear me. Even when the hiker/runner doesn’t have earbuds, mountain bikes are remarkably quiet. On a lower traffic trail it’s easy to slip into Zen mode. The noise of the world fades

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Green Day

Having backed away from my destructive attitude towards the Ripmo I discovered that most people cover their new toys in all kinds of protective shielding. I made an appointment with the bike shop to have them outfit the Ripmo with all the protective stuff. Think iPhone protective plastic but all over your bike. Whenever the bike goes to the shop I take a detour to

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