the road to Paradise

Purple Haze

It’s way to early in the riding season to have smoke filled skies. I’ve heard it’s because our friends to the north in Canada are lighting up some serious grass. This is of course just a rumor. I couldn’t bring myself to hit the trainer. Riding outside is too much of a serious (natural) high. The ride – Paradise The bike – Trek Madone 6.9

Providence Canyon trail springtime with green trees.

Every put bike shorts on backwards? Ya, me either. #ackwardmomentsincycling

As I prepared to ride there was something clearly wrong with my situation. Someday you too will be old. I thought mountain biking would be a chance to rest and take a break. The trail would probably still have snow and I wouldn’t go that far. I was wrong about the shorts and about the trail. The snow was gone, the day was beautiful and

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Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Drafting the Honey Bucket

Dropping back out of Blacksmith Fork Canyon I got a huge draft as a convoy of semi trucks passed. As they broke the wind the smell of breaking wind encouraged me to drop off that draft as fast as possible. I felt the experience and appropriate metaphor for a ride that started out rather crappy. Today was my second ride out in the real world

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The road between Hyrum and Paradise

I went outside

Spring has arrived. It’s not raining. My bike is wonky and won’t shift when I ask but does randomly shift at the most inopportune moments. The randomness adds a little spice to the ride. Utah received plenty of snow and the spring run off is flowing fast and furious. After spending the winter riding with my own stench in the basement, the smells of the

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