Sun over Providence

There’s Always Room for One More

We’re headed to the Tetons today. I considered just sleeping in but I couldn’t do it. I had about an hour and when I push it on Providence Canyon I can do a ride in about an hour. With that goal in mind I rushed to get ready and made it out of the house in record time. I hit the top right around 51:30

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Road up BlackSmithFork Canyon

Legs are like no, nope, no way

Not a terrible ride. Even though I slept in it wasn’t too hot which was a miracle given the heat wave that is cooking most of the Northern Hemisphere. I had one of those days were breaking 20mph was a grind and my legs felt like giant lead rods. The bruise from a recent mountain bike incident on my left leg still hurts on occasion.

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Top of Millville Canyon looking down Leatham's Hollow trail

The Friday Morning Commute is a Beast

Woke up with a desire to ride something different. Millville canyon isn’t far, is beautiful, has low traffic and I’ve only ridden it once. It has plenty of climbing and I would need to ride the Bonneville Shoreline trail to connect to it but I figured if I had time I’d also make a quick run up Providence. There’s a sign at the mouth of

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Bridge in Providence Canyon

Determined to Ride Providence Canyon

With brand new Maxxis Assegai tires on the Ripmo I was stoked to get out and try my luck on the dusty, rocky trails that define mountain biking in Utah this time of year. I made it all the way to the trailhead, reached down to take a drink and realized I had left my water home. I debated testing my body to see how

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Sun over Logan canyon

Rattlesnakes and Barking Dogs. The Sounds of a Summer Morning Ride

Beautiful morning with perfect weather to spend an hour or so in Logan Canyon. Every time I ride here I find a holy re-connection with with the natural world. The sound of an unhappy rattlesnake did wake me from the zen moment but neither of us wanted anything to do with each other and we parted ways without incident. I’m definitely a source of interest

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View of the road from the handlebars on the way out to Porcupine

Bruised But Not Beaten to the Ends of the Road Go I

My muscles are still feeling the effects of their encounter with the dirt. The bruises have changed colors. The soreness isn’t a big deal but it keeps me from really pushing hard as my knees don’t feel awesome. It was perfect morning for a ride with no wind on the way out and just a bit of wind in my face on the way back

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Spring Creek in Providence Canyon

Holy Brain Buckets of Sweat it’s Hot!

I left the house at 8am. I blame Stranger Things. They need something at the beginning to warn you that demons will be chasing kids for the next 2 hours and you might not get to bed until 2 am. It was already hot. It got hotter. I was tired. I was sweaty. I hurt from the bruises that still litter my body. I did

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Country road in Paradise

Racing tractors recover ride

After yesterday’s crash I had resolved last night to sleep in and blow off riding. My body had other ideas and woke me up early in the morning. I was up and my knees felt fine so I committed myself to a gentle recovery ride. I was slow up until I ended up with a tractor behind me. A bit of flight instinct kicked in

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