Road in Paradise, Utah

Sweat Practice

My son returned to school this morning and since I have to drive him across town morning the timing for my rides get really tricky. By tricky I mean they end up being later and so much hotter than usual. The ride – Paradise The bike – Time VRS Fluidity

Nordic Valley Trail in the snow

Soft and Short

Joel and I headed to Nordic Valley this morning hoping to put in some miles on the snow. The snow had other ideas and after just a bit more than a mile and plenty of sinking in the snow we turned back. Still it was fun to get out. The ride – Nordic Valley The bike – Salsa Beargrease


So 60 miles eh?

Once again I found a 3R ride to join. I did not realize it was a 60 mile ride. I figured I would bail part way through but then I just couldn’t stop. Once you are in it feels wrong to stop before you make the goal. The ride – Zwift The bike – Trek Madone 6.9