Red Maple in Providence Canyon

Loosey Goosey in the Bits and Bobs

Loose rock and moon dust feel like ice and snow in the corners. Rain is coming and that will help settle the trails back into a less slippery state. While the Ripmo and I wait for the binding power of water to work magic on our worn, beaten, beloved dirt strip we’ll pause to herald the beginning of the most colorful time of the year.

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Mid Mountain Trail Park City, Utah

Lost the trail, lost the Garmin, lost my mind. I’m a loser.

Had a great day riding Park City with Joel. Luckily for me he is patient. It’s been many years since my tires have made a mark in that dust. That was clear by how many times I picked the wrong trail and had to double back often uphill. I then lost my Garmin. At first I was excited because I’ve been thinking I need a

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The family that rides together

The cold weather is coming and the kids are back in school. We have to get out every chance we get. My bike was already in the truck and I was geared up. Opportunities for all of us to get out are rare and so even though the ride was short I’ll take the win. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Ibis

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Cows in Providence Canyon

Colors and cows

The Ripmo and I love to play in the Fall colors. We don’t like to end up covered in bovine excrement. The trail wrecking crew is back in Providence Canyon, but luckily they have confined themselves to one section of shade and grass. Here’s to hoping they really like that spot and leave the rest of the trail free of flying cow pies. The ride

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