Autumn leaves in Providence Canyon

This is the way grasshopper

As the summer ends there are so many grasshoppers wandering the hills. They are funny to watch. They can kind of fly. Not well, but they can. Today I had one fly right alongside me for about 100 feet. I didn’t know they could even manage a straight line. For a moment I was one with the grasshopper. The Ripmo was entertained and preoccupied with

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Blue skies over Providence Canyon trail

All the Best People

Some days don’t turn out the way you think it will. With blue skies and nice temperatures on a November day I thought I’d do my typical ride – 4 loops and a couple of hours. I wasn’t alone in taking advantage of the weather and trail conditions. I had a great time catching up with friends while catching my breath. The mountains really are

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Spring Hollow stream flowing through trees

Slippery When Wet

The bitter chill in the air keeps me off my road bike in the late Fall. Similar justifications apply to the cross bike. However, in the name of variety I pulled out the Bianchi and all my cold weather gear and headed to Logan canyon. The consequence for any speed above 20mph was a distinct loss of feeling in my fingers and a deep bite

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Mountain bike on a forest trail

Greasy Lunch

With the sun shining and the crisp chill of Fall on the air the Ripmo and I set out seeking the perfect Autumn ride. The temperature was perfect, the Ripmo was perfect, the trail was perfect, I was less perfect. Whipping down the BJ’s on my first run I came across a patch of greasy trail torn up by horse hooves which resulted some unanticipated

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