That’s the year

I always think there will be so much time between Christmas and New Years but there’s not. Instead there’s a crazy schedule of parties and getting ready for parties and family events. I like those things so no complaints but it does mean I’m more likely to squeeze in time on Zwift.

Happy end of 2021 to everyone and well wishes for many miles in the new year. Instead of yet another Zwift screenshot and for my own records here’s my Strava year end review.

The rides – Zwift

The equipment

I’m super lucky and my wife bought me a Wahoo KICKR. It’s realist and for a trainer pretty quiet. If you have the means or a birthday coming up I highly recommend one. Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer $1199.99 from
If you don’t want to destroy the floor you’re also going to want a mat. The sweat has to pool somewhere. Get the Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer Floor Mat $69.99 from Competitive Cyclist
I used to run Zwift using my computer with the Zwift companion app on my iPhone, but I’ve found running Zwift on an iPad to be so much nicer. Amazon usually has some of the best prices on iPads. Grab one and complete the perfect Zwift setup.
If you go the iPad route you’ll want a mount to keep it close while you are riding. I’ve used the Tacx Handlebar Bracket for years without dropping the iPad once.
Stay cool with a fan. I’ve been using a Dyson bladeless fan for years, but they’ve become stupid expenisve. With the bad winter air in Utah when I open the window I also use a Germ Guardian HEPA Filter air purifier. The ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan combines the two into one device and saves money over buying two devices.
If you have the funds, the KICKR HEADWIND fan works with your trainer to not only keep you cool but simulate air flow based on your speed. Get it from for $249.99.
Want to steer while riding in Zwift? Pick up the Elite Sterzo Smart Steering Block. There are a couple of secret MTB trails in Zwift where your front wheel isn’t totally useless.
Bonus bit of equipment if you truly have unlimited funds. The Wahoo Fitness KICKR Climb will raise and lower your bike to simulate hill climbs and descents. Get it from for $599.99.