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Giant metal airplane with the Ibis Ripmo

The Dr is missing the second half dozen of his trail

Labor day weekend means hanging out with my wife’s family. It’s a fun annual tradition, a chance to reconnect with family your rarely see and a great opportunity to spend some two wheel time in the dirt. Power Mountain is a great place to ski in the colder months. I had never visited on a mountain bike. The Ripmo and I were glad for the

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In search of horse power (since I have none)

When legs, heart and lungs are all in sync and the bike perfectly tuned, the euphoric hum of the road leaves you with a sensation of flying over the asphalt. I like those days. Today was not one of them. Every, “shut up legs,” was met with an equally powerful, not family friendly response from my quads. I gave up on pushing at all and

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Providence Canyon Trail

RIP Ripley (rear shifter)

I was planning on spending some quality time with the Ripley this morning. I did all the usual things like air the tires and lube the chain and then took off. The Ripley has Crank Brothers double shot pedals. I thought I was being smart and using some flat pedals that my son could ride without being clipped while still having a cleat that I

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Pivot Mach 4 SL

A Pivotal moment

Speed Mountain hosted the Pivot demo fleet this week at Providence Canyon. I can’t resist smashing other people’s hardware into rocks and I signed up for a morning test ride on a Mach 4 SL and a Trail 429 for the afternoon. At 9am I did two things I almost never do. First, I drove to the trail head. Second I left the Ripmo in

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