Horse Biscuits

When schools starts everyone is focused on getting kids to class on time and the greater populous puts off spending time on the mountain trails. It’s the best time to ride. Normally Green Canyon is the busiest trail in Cache Valley. I didn’t have the place to myself but the trail was generally devoid of human beings.

It was not devoid of horse pucky. The Ripmo doesn’t like horse crap. It’s a very sexy bike that doesn’t go well with excrement. I don’t go well with excrement either. On the climb up it’s easy enough to dodge, but throw on some speed and those giant piles of disgusting come up on you really fast. Then you have to pick it out of your hair. It’s not cool.

I’d still take a ride dodging horse crap over an hour at a desk. Nature is my favorite painter.

Start and end of Green Canyon

The Ripmo is so sexy

The Ride – Green Canyon