Santa Cruz Blur XC

Anodized silver aluminum, 26 inch wheels and my first real mountain bike as an adult. The Blur made me a huge Santa Cruz fan. I probably would have stuck with the Santa Cruz brand had it not been for the introduction of the Ibis Ripley.

The Blur was an XC bike and so it was super light. I think it came in around 23 lbs which is less than any of my current mountain bikes. That feather weight number was due to the 100mm of travel and the fact that dropper posts hadn’t yet been invented.

There came a point where 26” tires were hard to find. I had to replace the front fork. The only source I could find was a clearance sale online. Eventually the Santa Cruz would give way to the Ripley and I sold the Blur to a buddy.

I’ve loved Ibis for years now but after my Ibis Ripmo purchase fiasco I’ve put Santa Cruz bikes back in my radar.