View of the road from the handlebars on the way out to Porcupine

Bruised But Not Beaten to the Ends of the Road Go I

My muscles are still feeling the effects of their encounter with the dirt. The bruises have changed colors. The soreness isn’t a big deal but it keeps me from really pushing hard as my knees don’t feel awesome. It was perfect morning for a ride with no wind on the way out and just a bit of wind in my face on the way back

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Country road in Paradise

Racing tractors recover ride

After yesterday’s crash I had resolved last night to sleep in and blow off riding. My body had other ideas and woke me up early in the morning. I was up and my knees felt fine so I committed myself to a gentle recovery ride. I was slow up until I ended up with a tractor behind me. A bit of flight instinct kicked in

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Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Utah. Blue skies with open road leading into the mountains.

May your journey ever be sunshine and open road

Kind of a weak ride this morning. My legs were not up for a constant push. However, the more chill pace gave me a chance to breath in the morning air and absorb the beauty of this place I call home. Summer mornings last only a few months. I have to spend every possible moment living in them while I can. The ride – Paradise

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A streem in Paradise, Utah

It’s Like Paradise

Had serious leg crams last night as my quads and hamstring got revenge for what I put them through on the MTB. Today we compromised and took a recovery ride to Paradise. The sun shone, the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees and there was but a gentile breeze. It’s hard to pick better road bike days. If it wasn’t for meetings and complaining legs

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BlackSmithFork Canyon road

Wind, Sun and the Hum of Asphalt

Right at lunch the sun shone bright, the air was mostly still and for the first time this year I found myself haunting the country and canyon roads of Cache County. There’s something significant about the first ride after a long winter. Sure, I’ve been out in the snow on the fat bike and I love snow biking. Though I’ve been blessed with many first

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