My shadow on the asphalt

Riding after Covid is such a drag

I’ve been recovering this last week which means sleeping and generally living in a foggy haze. Fresh air and a nice slow ride helped to clear my brain a bit. Still, only a bit since this virus leaves you feeling unable to push hard. For the next few days I imagine I’ll be lollygagging along the highways. The ride – Paradise The bike – Time

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Road with sun shining above

And then my life flashed before my eyes

Coming into Paradise I stopped at the stop sign to wait for an oncoming car. I’m on a bike so I barely take up any space at all on the far right. Lucky for me I don’t unclip. Instead I hover and wait my turn. The white mini van turns my direction. When I say turns my direction they turn straight at me as in

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View looking down the road from raspberry hill

Smells like raspberries

Passing through Hyrum, Utah the air is frequently thick with unpleasant smells as it is the home of a large slaughter house. Proceed south from Hyrum to Paradise and the air changes to cut hay. Keep on going and make the climb up raspberry hill to where Weeks raises their crop of the luscious little berry and you can’t gulp in the air fast enough.

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