Nordic Valley Trail in the snow

Soft and Short

Joel and I headed to Nordic Valley this morning hoping to put in some miles on the snow. The snow had other ideas and after just a bit more than a mile and plenty of sinking in the snow we turned back. Still it was fun to get out. The ride – Nordic Valley The bike – Salsa Beargrease

Ruts in the trail in Providence Canyon

This is why we can’t have nice things

It was a beautiful winter Saturday to get out and ride The almost perfect trails. Without obligations pulling me back to my desk I had time to ride up to the top of the quarry in Providence Canyon. The last time I attempted this climb the road lacked the base needed to make the climb. The snow machines float above the snow and with being

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Green Canyon winter trail

Winter Dream

rm today having been lovingly groomed by local volunteers. The sun reflected beautifully off the snow. The trail past the upper parking lot towards the Mt Naomi Wilderness was also in fine form for a while. The nightmare doesn’t begin for a mile or so. At that point the grooming ends and the only trail left is from hikers that attempted to wade through the

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Providence Canyon covered in snow with Blue skies

Delightful Day

It’s really easy to make excuses for not leaving the house during the winter. It’s cold. The air is frequently bad. It takes less time to jump on the training and do the rounds in Zwift. However, there’s an enormous physical and mental benefit from leaving the house and getting out into nature. Sunny days with perfect trails fill my soul with delight. Today was

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The sun shining over snow covered Providence Canyon

Love Letters to the Sun

While the valley is wrapper in the bitter cold of winter inversion the mountains reward those who venture higher with an escape from the filthy air and the biting frost. It’s counter-intuitive at first but the higher you go the warmer the air becomes (if 30 degrees is warm). The sky is blue and the sun breaks out. Covered in layers of winter gear the

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Providence Trail in the Winter

Fresh waffles. Blessed be the trail groomers.

The snow has finally fallen in sufficient quantity to justify getting the fat bike out. Riding in the snow is hard. It’s cold. You slip a lot. Climbing on ice and snow adds a new level of challenge. It’s the most beautiful experience and I love it. The winter forest is mostly vacant of other users. With the snow falling the silence and solitude is

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