Feel the Burn

The Ripmo demanded we ride before the incoming storms destroyed the peak burn of the Fall colors. Ride we did but not fast. Not fast at all. I spent most of the time taking full advantage of those giant XTR brakes engaging them every 20 feet in awe of the spectacle nature set before me. With the hills ablaze in red, yellow and orange I bathed in color fully expecting to return home covered in it.

I ended up spending 3 hours in Providence Canyon. At the beginning I encountered a few riders – people that I knew, but as time passed it was just me. For the first time in a long time I rode up BJ’s (typically a downhill only section). Today I waited at the bottom fork until I was sure it was clear. I had to consume the view of both the up and downhill of this section. I think the risk was worth it.

The ride – Providence Canyon