Two Wheel Luge

After a couple of weeks in the shop waiting on parts my Beargrease is back. I was initially frustrated with the Sram AXS GX setup I had put on the bike but as it turns out all the problems were in the rear hub that was slowly disintegrating. Now that I have a bran new hub from DT Swiss all is well again and I have to say that I love the AXS GX in the snow. It’s super easy to shift with gloves on and it shifts like a dream. I also switched out my dropper post from a Thomson to a KS Lev. The Thomson had gradually lost the ability to fully extend and it was more expensive to send it in than to buy a brand new KS Lev.

It was a perfect day to ride. The trail was compacted into a luge run so smooth you’d think you were on the road. The latest inversion had turned the air in the valley into a brown mess of lung destroying goo, but in the mountains the air is both warmer and cleaner. It was a perfect day for winter riding.

The ride – Providence Canyon