Running Errands. Getting Lost.

I needed to run something to Smithfield. Gas is expensive. The environment is important. Clearly the solution is to ride a bike as much as possible so I decided the best way to make my delivery would be via the Time. The errand would also take me close to Smithfield Canyon and I haven’t ridden that in forever. the skies were filled with rainless clouds. The air was hot and muggy. I wandered through neighborhoods, taking a small bike path to make my way to the canyon while avoiding some dreaded chip seal. I came home looking like I had just gotten out of the shower. I don’t ride this route often because it takes take me right through a lot of city and I hate riding in crazy traffic but I have to remember to include this on my fall schedule. It is a gorgeous ride.

The ride – Smithfield Canyon

The bike – Time VRS Fluidity