That’s no Stick

It was a snake. It looked just like a stick until the Ripmo almost crushed it and it slithered for its life. My brain sees every root or fallen stick as a snake so I’ve spent a bunch of time training myself to not see snakes. When everything is a snake my poor heart can’t take the stress. Ironically, right after telling myself it wasn’t a snake it was a snake. Someday they will find my body still attached to my clipless pedals, a tiny snake pinned under my arm. The autopsy will show cause of death, heart attack.

Despite my ridiculous reaction and the fact that I don’t love snakes there’s no need to kill things just to kill them. The Ripmo and I swerved just in time. And the tiny, living stick was granted another day of life. The Ripmo is aggressive and eats trails but as a dirtitarian it doesn’t like to chew up living critters either.

The ride – Providence Canyon

The bike – Ibis Ripmo