The family that rides together

The cold weather is coming and the kids are back in school. We have to get out every chance we get. My bike was already in the truck and I was geared up. Opportunities for all of us to get out are rare and so even though the ride was short I’ll take the win. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Ibis

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Cows in Providence Canyon

Colors and cows

The Ripmo and I love to play in the Fall colors. We don’t like to end up covered in bovine excrement. The trail wrecking crew is back in Providence Canyon, but luckily they have confined themselves to one section of shade and grass. Here’s to hoping they really like that spot and leave the rest of the trail free of flying cow pies. The ride

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Fall colors in Green Canyon

Visual Gluttony

If viewing colors counts as consumption then my favorite sin is gluttony. The colors of Green canyon overwhelm the senses and leave you soaked in pure visual bliss. I love Autumn. My descents are much slower since I’m constantly distracted and braking to take another photo. The Ripmo gets a bit impatient, but a few times a year we can slow down and take in

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How high can you go before you Fall?

I was out in Portland this last weekend and so the Ripmo spent several days sitting in the garage. It was bored and required some alone time together so we headed up Providence Canyon to drink in the colors of Autumn. I usually just ride the trail, but today, for the sake of the view, I chose to climb to the quarry. The ascent only

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