Chip Seal. Ruinous Curse From Satan.

My connection between Nibley and Hyrum has been totally ruined by the road ruiners who dump tar and loose rock all over the road in the name of “maintenance”. What we get are crappy gravel roads that shatter windshields, chip paint and ruin otherwise perfect bike rides. May the shame of these terrible practices haunt all those who continued this cursed disgrace while they rot

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Devin and I in Logan Canyon

Dev breaking in the new Topstone

Devin has been researching the perfect gravel bike (for him) for months. REI put the Cannondale Topstone on sale for $400 off which trigger a trip to Salt Lake to go pick it up. He put in his longest ride ever on it yesterday and his second longest today. Today’s ride was quite a bit of dirt so we’ll call today his toughest ride yet.

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Getting High on Millville

There are rides where every mile is a painful argument with your legs to just get to the next mile. These rides you want to be over. Then there are the rides where legs and heart and mind are in sync and you can’t wait to see what’s just around the next corner or just on top of the next ridge. This ride was the

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