Millville Canyon

Millville Canyon sits just south of Providence Canyon. It’s a newer trail. Expect a beautiful ride through the trees and a constant climb until the trail drops you onto the road that takes you to the top of the canyon where you can connect to other trails. Because of the difficulty of the climb this trail is popular with eBikes. However, the Ibis Ripmo is perfectly capable of the ascent.

Views from the ride:

  • Hunting color
    If you climb high enough the trees are starting to turn colors. Bits of Millville are torn up thanks to our four legged beef producing friends. I was kind of OK with that since it gave me a couple of chances to walk a few feet and let me heart rate settle before once again red lining it to the heart attack zone. Even with … Read more
  • Pretty… hard
    I love Millville Canyon. It is absolutely gorgeous and almost all in the trees which is great when for when the sun is cooking your hide. It’s also a non-stop uphill grind that was designed for e-bikes. After the grind there is an wonderful flowy descent. That is followed by the ride home along the Bonneville shoreline trail where you will face a constant uphill, … Read more
  • Blessed are the trail builders
    First ride up Millville this year. The winter run off has left the mountains and green and lush. This is a tough climb but the greenery and the views made it worth it. A big thanks goes to all those who work so hard so we get to enjoy these experiences. The ride – Millville Canyon The bike – Ibis Ripmo
  • The Friday Morning Commute is a Beast
    Woke up with a desire to ride something different. Millville canyon isn’t far, is beautiful, has low traffic and I’ve only ridden it once. It has plenty of climbing and I would need to ride the Bonneville Shoreline trail to connect to it but I figured if I had time I’d also make a quick run up Providence. There’s a sign at the mouth of … Read more
  • I Need Some Vitamin E
    I had heard rumors of new dirt and I had seen the Strava evidence. Undeterred by the E-bike labels I determined to make a loop up Providence and then take a slight detour to check out the fabled new route with my own eyes. An hour later, my legs crying for mercy, I discovered This is brand new dirt. Like you can see the shovel … Read more