Providence Canyon trail

Afternoon Mountain Bike Ride

On this perfect May afternoon with the Ripmo begging for time outside and my son on the Ripley today we spent some quality time flying and bouncing over the freshly cleaned and always joy inducing Providence Canyon. These are the days that we remember when we aren’t riding. Also Dev probably wanted to kill me after I pushed him to the edge of puking. The

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Providence Canyon Jump over the creek

Time in Providence is a good time

I had intended to take the Bianchi out but the new treads are too wide and rubbing the frame. I hate to see it lose any of that beautiful celeste paint so we’re going in for a new tire. I switched to the Ripmo intending on riding the shore line trail. The day worn on. I had to get gas for the lawn mower and

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the road to Paradise

Purple Haze

It’s way to early in the riding season to have smoke filled skies. I’ve heard it’s because our friends to the north in Canada are lighting up some serious grass. This is of course just a rumor. I couldn’t bring myself to hit the trainer. Riding outside is too much of a serious (natural) high. The ride – Paradise The bike – Trek Madone 6.9

Providence Canyon trail springtime with green trees.

Every put bike shorts on backwards? Ya, me either. #ackwardmomentsincycling

As I prepared to ride there was something clearly wrong with my situation. Someday you too will be old. I thought mountain biking would be a chance to rest and take a break. The trail would probably still have snow and I wouldn’t go that far. I was wrong about the shorts and about the trail. The snow was gone, the day was beautiful and

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