Blacksmith Fork Canyon above the dam. Asphalt road stretching deeper into the canyon with water on the right, blue skies and mountains rising on both sides

What a Place!

Praying as I pedal that this not be the path on which I pass I am particular about picking a path vacant of the petroleum powered population conveyors that power people from point to point out here in Paradise. I pass ponies and pastures. A phone call, Shimano will warranty my cassette but the parts cannot arrive by parcel until July is past and August

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Recovering From Old Age

I usually wake up to the first rays of the morning sun breaking over the mountains to the East. It’s a pleasant way to start the day. This morning I was awoken by a burning sensation under my right shoulder blade and a numb hand. Mountain biking, body is fine. Paddleboarding I’m fine. Apparently sleeping through the night is my biggest physical challenge. I took

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Time to ride the Time

After a weekend of celebrating my freedom to eat junk food I woke up and found myself visibly more portly in my race club jersey. Needing to pay penance for my poor food choices I mounted my Time Fluidity to chase the morning sun and avoid the heat prophesied by my Garmin’s “extreme heat alert” warning. I mostly beat the wind on my way to

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