Ibis Ripmo on Juniper Jardine

Who let the drunk guy drive the trail machine

Beautiful Friday morning ride up Jardine Juniper. The start of the trail trail is a bit of chaos at the start while they move things around. It can be a bit of a challenge to figure out which path to choose but if you still to the newly cut dirt you should be good. The climb is just as awesome and beautiful as always. The

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A streem in Paradise, Utah

It’s Like Paradise

Had serious leg crams last night as my quads and hamstring got revenge for what I put them through on the MTB. Today we compromised and took a recovery ride to Paradise. The sun shone, the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees and there was but a gentile breeze. It’s hard to pick better road bike days. If it wasn’t for meetings and complaining legs

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Trail along Springcreek in Providence Canyon

I’m just here for the yard sale

I tried pushing it just a bit today and managed to score a PR on the upper suffer circles. At the top of the trail there was a youth group with bikes, helmets, bags and people spread everywhere. I know that crowded trails can become a problem but I love to see people get out into the outdoors. I think it makes us all better.

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