Rising up to rise up

I’m not a fan of early mornings but in the summer early mornings are the only way to prevent the blazing Utah summer sun from melting your face off. At the beginning of the ride I wondered if I was still dreaming and in that dream my legs wouldn’t turn the cranks no matter how much I wanted them to. I resigned myself to a single loop as I coaxed my body awake.

Once I hit the top my body woke up and I ran the full 4 suffer loops. At the bottom of the last loop was another rider and I can’t not turn around and ride after another ride so I went up again. This time instead of looping back I determined to fully punish my legs for their laziness and climbed to the top of the quarry. I was rewarded with a waterfall in full splendor and a few wildflowers.

The ride – Providence Canyon

The bike – Ibis Ripmo