The Sweet Smell of Sagebrush After Rain

A late night rain provided some relief to the scorched dirt thirsty from a summer’s worth of heat and sun. I had to squish the ride between morning activities and so it was a fast out and back without a lot of stopping. Lucky for me the clouds hung around to keep my skin from broiling off. The rain left the forest wet and vaguely reminded me of Hawaii. The wet sagebrush gave off a nostalgic sweet smell that reminded me of the deserts of South East Idaho where I grew up. It’s surprisingly pleasant. (You can even buy a Sagebrush Cologne).

The only break in the Zen of the ride was a rough looking guy in a crappy old truck yelling at me for not stopping at a stop sign. For all the other riders out there you can confuse the uneducated by yelling back “HB 142” also know as the “Idaho Stop”. Actually, don’t yell back, just ignore them because they are driving large vehicles and have already shown that they have the wrong attitude towards cyclists. Do remember that as a cyclists, thanks to HB 142, you can treat a stop sign as a yield sign.

The ride – Logan River Trail

The bike – Bianchi Cavaria